Design Validation Consultant – Military, Oil & Gas application

Everything You Need to Know About ISO 50001 Training, Documentation and Certification

What is ISO 50001 ?

We at Altus have all the resources for verification and validating software used in military applications be it in Navy, Air force or Land based military equipment or those used in Oil and Gas process industries. Most companies find it difficult to validate the software design which is an effort of numerous working hours and brain storming.

Verification and validation work by Altus started way back in 2009 when software companies needed industry experts with hands on experience in validating equipments which are under special category.

The verification and validation is carried out by resources who care carefully selected and deployed at site for a pre-defined period to understand the functionality under which the entire Hardware has been designed and is supposed to perform.

Our part plays an important role in the Hardware Design life cycle HDLC where our process helps in endorsing the actual design output which was planned and discussed with your customer.

Should you be looking for resources for Design verification or Design validation consultancy in Dubai, Abu dhabi, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Africa call us on +971 50 4773274 or drop an email to [email protected]