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Learn how to implement ISO from affordable accreditation Service and training courses

A leading firm, has provided International Standard Organization Services to various clients across the Gulf region

ISO-UAE emphatically believes in quality at every step and milestone covered during the implementation by using some of most powerful tools appreciated by one and all.

We has changed the aura of several organizations by changing their work culture and has inculcated quality in every sphere of operations.

We invigorate systems by a unique process of consultancy, which takes care of your Entire Journey from Implementation till Certification and Post Certification Assistance.

ISO-UAE has provided Certification for Food Safety Engineering, Service Industries, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Education, Banking, Hospital and Software industrial sectors.

The total solution offered for consultancy by ISO-UAE covers the key strategic fields of your operation and Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Social Compliance. ISO UAE has conducted trainings, consultancy, certification and accreditation services in the following standards

  1. ISO 22301 – Business Continuity
  2. ISO 20121 – Sustainability for Event Management
  3. ISO 17020 – Accreditation standards for Inspection Body
  4. ISO 17025 – Accreditation standards for Testing laboratories
  5. ISO 15189 – Accreditation standard for Medical Laboratories
  6. ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 Version 5 – Food Safety Management System
  7. ISO 19796 – Quality Assurance for Information Technology
  8. ISO 50001 – Energy Management System
  9. ISO 9001 – Quality Management System
  10. ISO 14001 – Environment Management System
  11. ISO 45001 – Occupational Health Management System
  12. AS 9110, AS 9100 Aerospace standards
  13. ISO 27001 Information Security management system

The mission of ISO-UAE is to enhance your systems and processes in order to inculcate value, relevant to your products, services, people and your assets.

Our experts work in close interaction with your team adding value to your systems by designing formats, Assisting in Implementation by continuous Training, Framing the Quality Manual, Procedures.

Get your company and services ISO certified

Getting an ISO certified greatly improves the reputation of the company and also will increase the sale of your products as the customer will now believe that he is getting quality product for his money invested. But there is one thing that very few people know is that ISO itself does not certify any company or organization. It only develops a quality or a standard level which one has to maintain to get this certificate. Even though there will be the name of ISO in that certificate, it is not ISO that makes the certificate. Although it is not a must to have an ISO certification, many companies because of the reasons mentioned previously, want this accreditation.

 An example to Get ISO certificate

Say for example if you happen have an organization in Dubai and want an ISO certificate for your products and services, you have to look for consultants that provide ISO certification. By contacting us in Dubai you can then have them run a background check on your methods of manufacture and if they are satisfied with how your company runs and creates a product, if we see that the process you are creating is as per the level  by the ISO, then we will support the client in achieving the ISO .

How to get the ISO Certificate ?

Now the question arises, ‘How to get ISO certified’? There are different types of ISO certification but since we are mainly focused on quality management, let us talk about the ISO 9001 certification. For this all you have to do is request ISO UAE for an application to fill up via web, email or phone. These contracts are basically a three year contract. Then an auditor is assigned for this purpose taking in account your location, experience etc). The auditor will contact you to fix a date to create an initial judgment. Upon completion of the judgment, the auditor sends a report. Then the report is verified and decided if the certification is to be granted or not. From here you may receive the ISO certification from international accredited certification body. Later on auditors will be sent from the Certification body to see if the quality assurance services are being maintained or not. If any changes are found which does not assure the same level of quality as stated by ISO standard guides then your certification is liable to be cancelled.


So getting an ISO certification tag is not really that complicated. The companies are always encouraged to get the ISO accreditation from the ISO certification service because of customer satisfaction. A buyer will always buy a product that is certified by the ISO over the non certified product as he wants quality for his money spent. If that means spending few extra bucks then that does not deter him from doing so.

Due to current COVID 19 travel and meeting restrictions, we are offering remote, Online, virtual training, consultancy, internal audit and certification audit support in ISO management system, ISO Certification, ISO Consultancy, ISO training

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