Things to keep in mind to get IFS certification

Things to keep in mind to get IFS certification

The International Food Standard system is the way for you to expand your business on an international level with the trust of the consumers in native as well as a foreign land. It makes sure that the standards used here meet the needs of everyone involved. It will also help you to measure yourself and compete with other companies with unique strategies as IFS creates a fair and uniform ground for all. IFS provide assessments based on risk. These assessments are process-oriented rather than telling how any process should look like. With all of this, IFS provides correction and update plans for processing your product which will, in turn, boost profit and expansion of the business. With all of these benefits in hand, it would be a bad idea to constrict you to the level of local business. Let us figure out what are the important things to know or keep in mind while proceeding to get the IFS certification with Global quality services.

You must know that before going ahead with anything new to you, it is always a good idea, in fact important, that you learn some basic things about it. Especially things that you should be warned of (if any).

How do you go about getting the certification and what are the things you should know that are going to ease the process for you?

If you are new, the whole process can seem overwhelming. Nevertheless, IFS has created many tools to help your stress ease in the process. All you have to do is to go to their website and select the option “tools” at the top bar. You will find many tools that will help you calculate different audits and another processes particular to your business and company in no time. Global quality services will lead to access all the procedures of getting the IFS certification.

IFS have different standards according to different types of companies or sections of service looking for. You need to check which section your company falls in and look into all the requirements needed for your company to be audited. You will get an option to download all these standards from their website at no cost. After going through the standards/ guidelines, you need to check areas where your company needs improvement to reach the standards mentioned on the website. There is a list of certification bodies approved by IFS, country, and standard wise. It will be there on their website. You will have to appoint the one that suits your needs and the one available in your area. You need to verify that the certification body you chose already has a contract signed with IFS.

You will have to exchange important details about your product and the process of its production with the auditor before fixing a date for the audit. These details will help the auditor and you to see and decide which date and what duration are required for a proper and smooth audit. You will also have to discuss and negotiate (if required) the price of the audit even before the date for the audit is fixed.

The audit date should be fixed on the day when the products to be audited are processed. You will have to make sure that the product to be audited is in the process of making, not the finished product, at the time of audit. You can also opt for a pre-audit session if you feel like it is required for your company. This may help you have an experience of what the final audit experience is going to be like.

It is also better for you to know about the scoring system in the process of auditing. IFS scoring system depends on 3 important aspects of any company. There is a gradient system there had to be continuous improvement and update in the process and there has to be uniformity all along. After the entire audit process is complete including the part where the company has improved its process to meet the standards, it may take up to 8 weeks for you to receive the certificate from IFS.

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