Electronics waste is a huge problem these days. If our iPad and laptop get damages, we try to get them repaired and if that doesn’t work, we want to buy new ones. Getting a brand-new model in the particular iPad or laptop industry can be a reason for electronic waste. This lets us buy new brand-new models. But here we should think about what should we do with our old iPad and laptop? If we just give some worthy time and think what are the ways we can do with our old iPad and laptop we will be getting a lot of ways. Global quality services are on the track to make the best ISO consultation services to all the people out there.

Some of the ways are:

  • Turn an old iPad or Laptop into a Security camera: When your old gadget doesn’t work turn it into a Security Camera. To do this we need some software. Alfred app offers Android and Apple security cameras. To set up this you can use a tripod too. The instructions for turning your iPad or laptop into a security camera will be shown in the app.
  • Turn them into a Media Remote:  As we can see as the generation growing new wireless streaming protocols are arriving and expanding in scope. For turning them into a media remote we can use Apple Airplay, Google Chromecast system, etc. For beaming into binging shows or songs we can keep an old iPad next to Apple TV or old Laptop or tablet to Chromecast for tuning into Spotify etc
  • By using an old laptop as Media Center: Old laptops can be used as media centers by storing videos, images, and recordings. So, by storing all the important files and images one can save plenty of space in their new laptops. We are the leading consultation providers for all the firms and we try to make a change among the public.
  • Turn them into an eBook reader: When you assume the old gadgets as no use you can use them as an eBook reader. For example, kindle can support us in this. There are chances of affecting our eyes if we read them for long on laptops or iPad. So, shifting to night mode can reduce from affecting our eyes.
  • Turn them into Digital Frame: Who doesn’t take photos in this era? A lot of us right. So just make use of it and turn your old laptops and iPad into a digital frame. Fotoo and Live frame are the best options for this digital frame. Fotoo is useful for Android and Live Frame is useful for Apple.
  • Kitchen Helper: This idea may be helpful who are great chefs and interested in cooking. From gadgets, you can see cooking videos and even you can demonstrate them. Wholly old laptops or iPad can be kitchen helpers.
  • Recycling: Old laptops and iPad can be recycled by nearby locality companies or you can donate them or sell them at a lower price.

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